sábado, outubro 23, 2010

segunda-feira, outubro 18, 2010


"Lock all the windows
I know it sounds simple
You never know who's listening

Turn off the TV
I know it sounds crazy but
I can feel you coming in

'Cause there's a ghost in this house
When he sings it sounds just like you
When he falls it brings me down too

So I put myself to sleep and
And the birds out on the street
They keep talking about the year
I can hear it

Does it get easier to do?
Does it get
Does it get easier to do?"

(Ghost - Robyn Dell´unto)

Só pra te lembrar que quando você cai, invariavelmente, me derruba também.

domingo, outubro 17, 2010


Kai e Travis - Alien like you

Alien like you

"I know that you don't
Know that I know what you know
We've got secrets between us that
Nobody else would believe if we told them
So let the stars align
And let the water make wine 'cause
Broken souls will become whole tonight, oh tonight
We know it's right so

Lift your eyes and let me in
'Cause baby I'm an alien like you
Would you ever wake at night and realize
The reason why you knew me then
Is maybe I'm an alien too
Would you ever let me be an alien with you"

terça-feira, outubro 12, 2010

Being Aurea

"It's clearer inside of me

Who I will always be
at the corner of my heart

Mystics and cynics and crystals and memories
Beginning to light up the stars
Shining or lighting the night
Raising the veil from my eye
Waking me up to the light in my life

Cause of my strength
Sum of my dreams
And everything I ever wanted to be...

Here I am this is me where
I've been
In the dark (and)
in the night (and)
in the road in the right..

Calm is energy
Give me my destiny
Everything happens for a reason
Every choice that I make
Changes the cause I take
Won't be afraid when I make mistakes
Open my arms and give in
Do it all over again
Do it all over again
Get that again
To get to the end

I'm who I am now.
I'm gonna find the answers
Yes I know how I know I can win
Sum of my dream
And everything I ever wanted
And everything I ever wanted to be
Here I am this is me, who am I, wait and see..."

(Lily Frost - All I ever wanted to be)