quinta-feira, fevereiro 28, 2008


"That's it
There's no way
It's over, Good luck!

I've nothing left to say
It’s only words
And what l feel
Won’t change

Everything you want to give me
It's too much
It’s heavy
There is no peace

All you want from me
Isn’t real

Now even if you hold yourself
I want you to get cured
From this person
Who advises you

There is a disconnection
See through this point of view
There are so many special people in the world
So many special people in the world, in the world

Now we're falling, falling, falling,
falling into the night,
falling into the night"

(Vanessa da Mata / Boa Sorte)

Um comentário:

Renata disse...

essa música diz tudo.
e dói de ouvir, tanto...